Happy New Year!

In January I pick a posture or a vinyasa to work on for my New Year's resolution.  Rotated triangle has shown up three times.  Last year I wanted to get back my dropping from handstand into plank.  In February I went to one Structural Integration/ Rolfing session and my shoulder that was sometimes unsupportive came back on line.  The very first time I attempted it I nailed it.  That was definitely the best a resolution had ever gone.  

In 2015 we had an entire studio resolution of No Improvement.  Everyone could practice, but never with the intention of getting better.  I felt like those of us who were striving to get better were going to push right past the sweet spot in the postures because we were getting so used to pushing.  Pushing was where effort was rather than open effort or relaxed effort.   

I often send out invitations to postures.  I invite them to my party.  Sometimes they show up, sometimes they have previous arrangements and can't make it.  Binding my hands in Supta Kurmasana was invited a million times before she showed up.  

I haven't picked a posture for 2018 yet.  I'll  update here as soon as I do.  

xoxoxo Kathy

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Yoga Vermont opened it's doors in 1998.  We have always been an Ashtanga & Vinyasa studio.  Moving meditation and conscious interaction with the World are concepts we love and practice.  We study, we chant and we move to increase our ability to process life.  Self expression through the discipline of asana, pranayama and mantra is an art form, an act of worship, perhaps even our freshest expression of self.  Freedom and discipline are intertwined in our Yoga.  Come in and enjoy the work and our play.  Our studio is our sanctuary.