New Year's Resolutions 2018

I've picked a few.  

For myself, Backbend.    I'm going to work it from handstand scorpion, drop in and stand up.   Drop is the only accurate word in that sentence so far.  I'm also going to work it from a loosening of connective tissue, one strand at a time, by healing relationships.   

For the studio, knowing the base of each posture. How the energy is transferring as we move and where it anchors and makes us strongest.  

For a very small measure of peace, only 3 boats.  Three is plenty.  I won't complain about the posture at all.  Three boats.  No complaints.  

Thanks for knowing me.


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Yoga Vermont opened it's doors in 1998.  We have always been an Ashtanga & Vinyasa studio.  Moving meditation and conscious interaction with the World are concepts we love and practice.  We study, we chant and we move to increase our ability to process life.  Self expression through the discipline of asana, pranayama and mantra is an art form, an act of worship, perhaps even our freshest expression of self.  Freedom and discipline are intertwined in our Yoga.  Come in and enjoy the work and our play.  Our studio is our sanctuary.